Are We A Fit?

We likely see a few important things in a similar way…

On Our Society and Culture

If you’re like me, you are fed up with the business as usual in our society and culture, and you wish things could be different. It may be the first or one hundredth time you read JD Krishnamurti’s quote, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”, but either way, when you read it, you light up and you feel a resounding YES! It is becoming more and more obvious to you how your wellbeing is intimately connected to the unhealthy aspects of the culture around you. If you’re like me, your healing and wholeness path is not only important for you personally, it is an important contribution to your relationships and your community

On Spirituality

You recognize that having connection to spirituality is of the utmost importance, because you know at a deep level that what you are, essentially, is not your thinking mind nor your body. You know on a deep level that there is something greater than this small sense of self. You may also wonder why other people aren’t seeing what you are seeing, and can at times feel alone in this. It may be that you have always felt these things to be true, or it may be that you’ve had a profound mystical experience that transformed your understanding of reality. You may have been a seeker and have dabbled in the various spiritual practices in the spiritual marketplace, such as psychedelics and plant medicines, breath work, yoga, meditation, or vision quests. You know that a connection to the Divine is like an essential nutrient.


On Meaning and Purpose

You believe that each human being has a purpose, or a destiny, or some important work they are meant to carry out in their short precious life. You may feel you have found yours, and you may feel like you have not. You sense that this life is not meaningless, and that meaning is found, partly, in being your most authentic self and sharing your gifts.

On Politics

The political terrain has perhaps become increasingly confusing to you, and you may not feel you have a true home on the one dimensional political spectrum of “left” and “right”. You may not even feel you belong on this spectrum! You may not relate to many of the political hot topics of our times, and feel that most of them are missing more important considerations. Or, what you know is that the well being of others is deeply important to you, that the well being of this planet is deeply important to you, that you believe in an essential interconnection of all beings and things, and the highest contribution you can make is your own healing and maturity.

“A great deal of psychopathology is engendered by the pathological society to which egocentric psychotherapists help their clients adjust.”
Bill Plotkin

On Psychotherapy and Counselling

“Whenever the therapist stands with society, he will interpret his work as adjusting the individual… into social respectability. But such “official psychotherapy” lacks integrity and becomes the obedient tool of armies, bureaucracies, churches, corporations, and all agencies that require individual brainwashing. On the other hand, the therapist who is really interested in helping the individual is forced into social criticism.. It means that he has to help the individual from liberating himself from the various forms of social conditioning…” (Psychotherapy: East and West, Alan Watts, p. 20).

In other words, your interest in psychotherapy and counselling is not to support you to conform to an unhealthy world, but to become the healthiest and most authentic you that is possible.

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