Your next step on the path of healing and growing awaits you.
Any of these may apply to you...

  • Including your spirituality in your healing and growing journey is important to you. You long to have your true nature, the essence of Being beyond your separate sense of self, acknowledged and validated.
  • Trauma healing: Past painful experiences trouble you, and their impacts get in the way of your daily life. You are ready to resolve these experiences, and trauma, by following the wisdom of your body.
  • You are troubled by periods of emotional instability and you want to learn how to weather the storms of life’s challenges without becoming overly reactive or withdrawn, and being able to return to rest naturally.
  • You long for deeper meaning, purpose, connection, and authenticity in yourself, your relationships, and how you show up in the world.
  • You have had a powerful spiritual experience (including plant medicine or psychedelic) and you want to make meaning of it integrate it.


Evan is a Registered Social Worker, registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and is located in Guelph, Ontario. Evan works with clients both in Ontario, as well as internationally. He provides Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing, Counselling (Soulcentric and Nondual), and Soul Work support.

Now that the boring (yet, important) stuff is out of the way, watch this video to get a better sense of who Evan is and how he works!

THREE THINGS you can do TODAY to nourish your Heart, Soul, and Mind

How Evan Works

  • This work is trauma-informed.
  • Somatic Experiencing Follow the wisdom of your body to heal from past traumas and to deal with current stressors.
  • Parts Work (IFS-informed) and Voice Dialogue Listen to and collaborate with the multiplicity of selves and voices that make up a “normal” psychology to feel less inner conflict.
  • Nondual-informed Nondual, Yogic, and Buddhist psychology offer important teachings on the nature of self and mind that Evan sees as essential to both psychological and spiritual wellness.
  • Depth Psychology-Informed This involves shadow integration work, dream work, listening to the “voice of Soul”.

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Guelph, Ontario